Ecommerce stores can be extremely successful when using Ecommerce SEO services. It is well known that having a high-ranking in-search engines for keywords describing your products is the best form of digital marketing. Using keywords that reflect your online store’s inventory attract paying customers looking for your products. Ecommerce SEO is a valuable investment for any Ecommerce business.

Through Ecommerce SEO one can target specific segments creating leads, but long term is can be much more cost effective then for example relying on affiliate websites to attract sales. With E-commerce SEO you can drive direct traffic into your store, targeting customers that are searching for the products that you have to offer.

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Optimizing your content for SEO

Starting by optimizing your store for SEO is crucial. Products and categories must be optimized for search engines to find them online. At Content Lobby we can optimize your store ensuring that your products will be found in the different search engines attracting more leads, and as a result, sales.

Being an online store SEO is the most crucial and cost-effective way to grow your Ecommerce store and grow your ROI. When correctly implemented your Ecommerce store will be ranked high in the search engines and your website will offer the solution to your customers problem.

Ecommerce sites must be optimized to guarantee organic high converting traffic to your store. The costs are much lower than traditional advertisements, which is one of the many benefits for any online business. When you rank high in the search engines on the right keywords, your business will attract more leads, customers who will contact your business. If your Ecommerce store needs a boost, Content Lobby can help.

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When you have an Ecommerce website you are dependable on customers finding you online. Your business ranking in the search engines must be high enough for them to find you before they find your competitor. Not just that, your store needs to be built correctly for customers to find the products they are looking for.

If you want to increase your ROI, and grow your business, optimizing your store is the way to do this. We have helped many Ecommerce businesses reach a high ranking in the search engines using the most popular keywords.

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Doing a Keyword research 

Every SEO plan starts with thorough keyword research as you want to be able to target your customer knowing what terms they use to find your products. If you are using the wrong keywords, you can receive a low ranking and generate traffic of customers looking for something else than your business. This will badly affect the conversions on your store.

Long Tail Keywords for eCommerce

Keywords are divided in head and long tail keywords, where the latter is a group of words. They are less searched for then head keywords (one word) and therefore looked upon as less attractive. But they have a much higher conversion rate increasing traffic substantial.

Implementing schema markup 

Schema markup is a piece of code which you place on your website to help the search engines find your keyword but also shows the audience what it means. As an example, the keyword “corona” could mean the virus, or it could mean the beer. By adding the right schema markup around the word “corona” the search engine will display better information about my keyword attracting the right audience.

By using schema markup for your products, services and deals, the live results can show valuable data like star ratings, price, opening hours, FAQ and so on. A customer can see valuable data ahead of visiting your website and it can help them to visit your site, not the competitors.

Schema markup is not just for the customer to understand your content, it is just as important for Google to help navigate to your store.

Examples of Schema markup:

  • Review and rating schema
  • Product schema
  • Breadcrumb markup
  • Business details
  • Product availability
  • FAQ

Technical SEO for E-Commerce


Technical SEO refers to the technical side of website design related to SEO. It is the “behind the scenes” SEO, in the code, and is extremely crucial for high performing websites. Often many technical errors exist on a website which stop your traffic from converting to sales.

Technical SEO is a broad term for many aspects, for which we at Content Lobby can help you:

  • Site architecture
  • Navigation and site hierarchy
  • Sitemap maintenance and development
  • Indexing and crawling optimization
  • Implementation of canonical tags Robots.txt and bot accessibility testing
  • Bot rendering
  • Code/pixel verification
  • Broken link repair
  • HTTP status code error resolution
  • Consistent URL Structure/Naming convention
  • Structuring categories and sub-categories
  • Site speed optimization
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Schema/structured data recommendations to generate rich snippets
  • Deep Consumer Behavior


Keyword research

With over two decades of experience in SEO, we find ourselves leading in the world of Ecommerce SEO. For us keyword research is as important as market research. We use the best tools available and strategically analyze the depth of keywords to attract the right customer to your site.

We will dive deep into why the customer is searching and address the questions asked by them, which you might not be aware of. We will create strategical keyword plans and innovative market research to make sure the right keywords are used to connect your business with the right customer. Moreover, with this approach we will be ahead of the game and narrow down new business opportunities easily, seeing what customers are searching for.

At Content Lobby we offer extensive Keyword research and Unique title and meta-Description strategies.


Heading Tag and Image Optimization

Combining the right keywords in the right content with the right images is key to success. Placing the correct image meta data based on keyword results increases traffic. Heading tags are extremely important as a search engine will see this before seeing the content. H1 tags are an outline of your content and considered the most important heading on your page.

Your page will receive a ranking by Google based on many factors, and an H1 tag is part of this. It will help to show the value of its content, as well as uniqueness and relevance.

Content Writing for E-commerce

Quality content is extremely important for any online business. It must be engaging and attract the right customer. It can be shared by an online audience creating free marketing. You can have a blog in your store where you provide useful information linked to your niche, store, products, and services. Here you can use long tail keywords linking the blog post to your product pages.

When offering products locally online you will get to know “Google my business”. You can add local online mentions or reviews of your products or company. If you can be mentioned in your nice specific area, you will attract the local customers looking to buy your product or service.

Content Optimization for E-Commerce

At Content Lobby we have an experienced content team that can write engaging and relevant content, ensuring that it will provide qualitative user experience. This will increase the search engine authority and create conversions.


Link building

We have a large network of PR experts and professional copywriters ensuring that we can offer you strong links to your business from sources high in authority. This will create a long-term success in online presence and a strong domain authority in the search engines.

We can offer Ecommerce link building for your online store through quality content earning editorial placement. Content Lobby can offer you comprehensive, uniquely tailored content marketing strategies made to grab the attention of the audience. Creating leads with email lists, funnel creation, keyword strategy and eventually ensuring brand authority online.

Sales Funnel & CRO optimization

Often a store will have clicks and customers placing items in a cart, but not proceeding to check out. In other words, no sales. By using conversion rate optimization with a multitude of marketing strategies we can increase actual sales. Enhancing user engagement in your Ecommerce store by testing different optimizations to find the best results. Funneling leads into sales pages who check out will increase your revenue.

Analysis tracking

At Content Lobby we are always up to date with the most advanced analysis techniques to convert leads into sales. Monitoring and tracking where sales and leads come from allow us to improve where necessary and increase your ROI.


I am interested in an Ecommerce SEO plan, what do I do?

Contact us today to request a free SEO audit. Our expert SEO team will show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie and show you where opportunities arise. We can show you how to create a powerful SEO strategy for your Ecommerce store, aimed at the goals that you have. Every company is unique, and we will custom make a fitting SEO strategy that fits the demands that you have. We can discuss your goals and based on your budget chose the right plan to help you grow your business. Our years of experience with businesses from all different sizes have proven results of success. Big Ecommerce stores that now have thousands of visitors because of implemented SEO strategies show that our techniques work. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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